The Characters...

  • A zealous musician that craves the excitement and simple joys of life.  He is an avid dreamer that is constantly thinking outside of the box, often times to the point where he zones out from the present.


    I drive through the veins of dreamers.


  • Lover turned revolutionary with a cause, bent on saving his peers. He is the prime example of true maturation after a life changing experience.


    Why not dream? If we didn’t we would cease to exist.


  • Fueled by his fresh, he possesses the same desires of Love, but with slightly different intentions. He is often hated for his pursuits, but also misunderstood. The deeper you dig into his past, the more you find an explanation for his present.


    Baby, I’ll sell you a dream.

    I AM LUST.

  • Hopeless romantic that has a charismatic way with women who struggles to find substance in relationships. Has the ability of showing you the potential of true love existing, but still shows you that he isn’t always perfect.


    Baby, you make me wanna dream.

    I AM LOVE.

  • Very smart guy that consistently bares the weight of the world on his shoulders. He takes on the pain and struggle of those he cares for, but mismanages his own emotions. His knowledge base was gained over time, but not in the conventional manner.


    Dreams are so overrated.


  • An extremely hard worker that can’t manage to catch a break.  Attempts to make all the right decisions to better his situation, but life always manages to throw his plans off track.  The definition of a good guy with bad luck.


    Dreams, I use to have‘em.


  • Street smart with a tough upbringing.  Caught within the stereotypes of race, he suffers the effects of society’s view of what they think he should be, as opposed to who he really is.


    I am that forgotten raisin, the dream that was deferred.


  • Imaginative and light hearted, Happiness is full of life and energy. He struggles with the dichotomy of being himself while fitting in with those around him. He continues to navigate his life while remembering that being himself is a choice.


    I jog in the hearts of all who accomplish their dreams.




What if we lived in a world where Love wasn’t perfect or Lust wasn’t always on a quest for personal stimulation? What if Despair never got a break or Happiness wasn’t always happy? The truth is this is the world we live in.   This play captures the essence of this young experience and gives a voice to a new generation.  Follow the stories of eight young men as they try to find their identity in a world that told them they should conform. With the use of poetic, prose style monologues using vernacular that was birthed from the Hip-Hop generation this play provides a raw view of heart wrenching subjects that plague us all.